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Santa Claus Plaza

Santa Claus Foundation - Santa Claus Foundation develops and maintains the  world-wide image of Finland as the one and only Santa Claus land.

Santa Greeting - The original letter from the Santa Claus is a nice way to remember your friends and relatives everywhere in the world. With the letter you are sending the Christmas spirit to your loved ones and are spreading the traditional, warm Christmas feeling.

Food From Finland

Food From Finland - Information about Finnish food!

Return Ticket

Return ticket - Expert in Expatriation.

Other useful links

Finland society - The Finland Society is an interest group providing expertise and service to Finns living or moving abroad or returning to Finland. The society has much to offer to you. The Finland Society conveys an up-to-date image of Finland to the outside world and raises awareness in Finland about expatriate Finns. Joining!

FinnsWorldwide - FinnsWorldwide is a Finnish community organization based in London. - Meeting place for 15 000 Finnish expats. - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site.hfg

US Customs - US Customs & Border Protection.

Australian government, Fisheries and forestry
For up to date information about Australia's import restrictions. - Free dictionaries. är en helt gratis Internet ordbok som grundar sig på ordöversättningar av både proffessionella översättare och användarna själva.

St Albans Finnish School - Saturday Finnish School provides language tuition and support for the Finnish-British community.

Sverige Online - Buy Swedish products online! Sverige online offers a mix of typical Swedish products like Swedish snus, typical Swedish food, books and films.

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Find us on YouTube - On this page we'll gather videos from our users and customers that somehow relate to Finland or Suomikauppa.Fi. We'll also try to add other interesting and current videos from Finland.

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Here you'll find pictures from our warehouse, packing as well as other Suomikauppa.Fi related photos.

 Find us on Twitter - Here you can follow current happenings at Suomikauppa.Fi as presented by our staff.

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