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Noticeable dates in May!


May Newsletter

Our almanac seems to be rather full in May with special day’s trough for the whole month. To start things of, we first celebrate Labor Day (Walpurgis Night) on the first of May, which is also the Ascension Day. This is the first time since 1913 that these two dates meet on the same day, and we’ll have to wait until 2160 for this to happen again. On the second Sunday of May (11.5), we celebrate mother’s day. Mother’s day this year is also Whitsun, which doesn’t happen that often either.

On the third Sunday of may we Finnish remember and honor those who died during the Second World War in Finland. This date was first noticed in 19.05.1941 when the bishops of Finland decided that there should be a nationwide church service in honor of those who were lost during the winter war.
The 20th of May is therefore also a fl! agging day in Finland. >>Flags & pennants

Finland is on the red carpet in May at the Eurovision song contest in Belgrade (24.5.) and at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Canada (2.-18.5.2008). Finnish athletes are also going to be at Peking 2008 Olympics next August, so if you’re heading to any of these events, remember to gear up in style and put on some “ Suomi” clothes, and support your favorite country to be victorious!

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