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Suomikauppa.Fi is holding a photo / video contest during the summer of 2008 called 'Suomikauppa.Fi where art thou?' By this we are referring to ‘Suomikauppa.Fi where are you’, and we’re looking to find the most interesting photo or video of our users using Suomikauppa.Fi. For example; a video clip / picture of a person surfing our site on his / her mobile / laptop, at the statue of liberty, summer cottage etc.
The most outrageous, interesting, touching or otherwise best video or photo will win a 100€ gift certificate to Suomikauppa.Fi at the end of August. To submit your entry, please send us your photo or video via e-mail, or as a link to a desired content on Youtube, Flickr or similar. info -at-
These contest entries will also be uploaded to the Suomikauppa.Fi Youtube and Flickr pages.
This competition is valid from the 5th of June until August 31st. (5.6.2008-31.8.2008)

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