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July Newsletter


During the heart of the summer, most of us Finns take our summer holiday. During the holiday season many businesses close their doors for a month, but we here at Suomikauppa.Fi stay open 24/7.

On the 6th of July we celebrated one the most famous Finnish poets, Eino Leino (6.7.1878–10.1.1926). Eino Leino had a profound impact on Finnish language and how it developed its poetic form.
More information about our beloved national poet can be found for example at Wikipedia.
Eino Leino products at Suomikauppa.Fi: Eino Leinon suuri runokirja & Eino Leino - Oi, onnea unelmain! (These products are in Finnish)

National Sleepy Head Day is celebrated in Naantali, Finland on July 27 every year. Traditionally on this day, the last person in the house (also dubbed as the 'laziest') to wake up is woken up using water, either by being thrown into a lake or the sea, or by having water thrown on them. It is based on the story of the Saints of Ephesus who slept in a cave for some 200 years during the Middle Ages whilst hiding from persecution by Decius, the Roman Emperor at the time.
Source: Wikipedia

We have added quite a lot of new items into our selection this past month that you can browse here.
June also introduced two totally new product categories: FREE Delivery Products and Finnish cosmetics.
FREE Delivery Products category is there to help our customers who would like to purchase small quantities of various items easily. These free delivery items are priced with the shipping costs included in the price.
This product category will have a selection of weekly rotating items in the future.

To browse all our new items, click here.
To browse our special sales, click here.

Also, remember our " Suomikauppa where art thou?" competition, where you can win a 100€ gift certificate.

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