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September Newsletter


September Newsletter,

Order Finnish goods from Suomikauppa.Fi and save on postage costs!

We have added a price comparison to our checkout page. This comparison shows you how much cheaper it is to use Suomikauppa.Fi than it is to send customer goods via Finnish post office. This price comparison shows you our Express delivery price, compared to the same delivery method price at the post office. Our prices include all packing materials, documentation and secure packing, whilst the post office price is only the price of delivery.

Order goods from Suomikauppa.Fi in Russian!

From this day forward our customers can browse and order goods from our shop in Russian. Please note that our customer service will continue to serve in English and in Finnish only. You may choose the site language onto Russian from the upper right corner of our page, or by pointing your browser to
If you have any questions about our Russian pages, please contact our customer service.

Get ready, the fall season is upon us soon!

Order your supply of Finnish products in time for Halloween (1.11.), father's day (9.11.) or for the Independence Day of Finland, on the 6th of December.

"Suomikauppa where art thou?" competition has ended!

Nina Yelin's picture from Mosav Beqaot in Israel, has been chosen as the winner of this competition by unanimous decision. For this victorious photo, Nina will receive a 100€ gift certificate to Suomikauppa.Fi. Congratulations!

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"Online shop for Finnish goods!"

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