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Newsletter June 2007

June is the first summer month and the weather here in Finland is as good as it can get! We broke one of the all time temperature records at the end of May, and the first weeks of June are forecasted to continue these hot weathers. June also marks the end of school and the start of holidays for many. We will also try to enjoy this time of the year by taking a bit time off from work, but no worries, our operations here at Suomikauppa will continue normally throughout the summer!

We have a new selection of Finland themed shirts for sale! Some of the older designs have been taken off from the site, but these new designs are just as good or even better looking than the old ones. See for yourself>>

More of the old Finnish TV-shows have once again been digitalized, and now you can get these old time favorites on DVD for the first time: älywapaa palokunta, soitinmenot, HUH hellettä etc. Check out these new Finnish DVD’s here!

“Oldies but goldies”, seems to be the way with Finnish candy launches also. FAZER has put FAMI chocolate bars in the market, that were first introduces back in the 60’s. This old time combination of smooth chocolate and peanut flavor can off course be purchased from FAMI>>

In May we updated our selection of candy with some new Finnish candies like: Hyvää Makumaasta 300g Special Mix (toffee mix), Kipparin piippu (pipe shaped licorice), Aakkoset fruit and All Sorts mini bags, HALVAN kristallisalmiakki (crystal Salmiac) and PANDA light herb flavored nature fresh licorice. Sweets>>

After the disappearance of Xylifresh chewing gum and after the launch of the same product now called JENKKI professional, LEAF has put this xylitol favorite out on the market again in that traditional 90gram bag!

All the other classic JENKKI chewing gums have also gone through a little facelift. The new and improved JENKKI chewing gums are now bigger, crunchier and better tasting than ever before! Get your JENKKI favorites and one new and exciting classic flavor called Caramel Mint from us! JENKKI chewing gums>>

OULULAINEN has also launched a new dry bread product called Kaurakorppuja (Crisp oat bread)

Have a nice summer everyone!

Best wishes, customer service
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