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As we all know, July for many is THE summer month and people take their holidays then. In Finland the weather is also looking really summer like, when the temperature is raising and swimming waters are warming up. Even though July is the peak of the holiday season, we here at Suomikauppa won’t slow down at all and are rather pushing already full steam towards the upcoming fall season.

New products!

Requested candy titles such as, LEAF xylitol fruit pastilles, LEAF "kipparin piippu" and PANDA "paksu pepe" licorice bars, HALVA & FAZER salmiac pastilles and PANDA sugar coated chocolate hearts were added.
To "other gift products" section, we got few interesting new products like Martta Wendelin illustrated notebooks and a healing organic wheat grain pillow to heal those sore muscles, like neck or lower back pain.
If you want to make your summer cottage out house smell fresh, you might want to try this 100% ecological bathroom freshener called "huussitupsukka" which has an awesome tar flavor to cover all those nasty smells.

For our Finnish speaking/reading customers it might be also interesting to know about our new DVD's and books.
Our new titles include such long time favorites as:
Fröbelin palikat dvd's, Tapio Suominen directed "täältä tullaan elämä", or our July specialty item, Uppo-nalle book + Lyra all stars cd, which was released this year to celebrate the 30 year long career of this Finnish poetry bear.
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