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October newsletter


Suomikauppa.Fi October newsletter

In September we once again carried out a wide range of product updates. New Finnish Tv-program DVDs and candy were added to our selection. To browse all these new items click here!

From now on you can order classic
Finnish board games for yourself or others to enjoy!
All our board and card games are in Finnish only!

Our selection of board games includes such classics as Kimble and Finnish version of Alias. There’s also a series of Finnish children’s games that are mainly focused on learning Finnish. “Opetellaan” games series will teach Finnish in a game form that children will enjoy. Besides the basic alphabets, these games will also teach how to calculate, learn traffic signs or even the time of the day.

To be on top of next year’s important dates, we’ve added a selection of Finnish wall calendars for the year 2008 into our selection. >>Wall calendars 2008.
All our wall calendars are in Finnish only!

Many thanks for all the heartwarming and positive customer feedback we got in September, and thank you all who have suggested new products for us! We shall continue to update our selection based on these requests again in October.

In October we have also renamed our shipping methods to better characterize the way these parcels are sent and handled by the post.

For example our priority parcel is from now on simply called Fast Parcel.
With these name changes we also introduced one completely new shipping method called Express (similar service as Finnish post offices EMS parcel)

Express parcel is especially great for packages that need to be delivered quickly. Express parcel offers cost effective transportation to over 180 countries. Express parcel packages are always transported through the fastest available routes, separate from the normal postal traffic.

Dimensions and weight

  • Minimum size: 18 cm x 27 cm
  • Maximum size: length 150 cm, width + girth 300 cm
  • Maximum weight: 30 kg

Delivery times

  • To major European cities the following business day
  • Elsewhere in the world primarily on the second business day

Country specific information can be found on the Finnish Post office website
(Customs handling is not included in the time estimates!)

To view all these newly named shipping methods click here.

You can browse our line of new products Here, or if you want to see what’s on special sale in October click here.

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